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Old Testament

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New Testament

Primary Preachers

Garrett Craig | Associate Pastor at Christ Church

Garrett has served Christ Church as an associate pastor since August 2023. He came to faith in Christ during his freshman year of college. Joy received Christ as a young child...

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Zach Fallon | Pastor at Christ Church

Zach serves as the staff pastor at Christ Church. He saw his need for Christ and received him the summer after his freshman year in college. Christine trusted in Christ with her pa...

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Guest Preachers

Steve Krogh

Steve serves as an elder of Christ Church. He placed his faith in Christ at the age of ten, when his mother explained the gospel to him. Lois' first awareness of God’s work i...

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David Meade

David serves as an elder of Christ Church. Both David and Kathy came to know Christ as Lord and Savior at a young age from Christian parents. Scripture-based family devotions, bibl...

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