Our hope is that Christ Church will become a community of Christians who have covenanted together to treasure Christ, mature in Christ-like love, and spread his glory. We are honored that you would consider the Lord's leading in your life to join us in living all of life in light of the gospel. If you choose to move forward in membership, the process of pursuing that is outlined below. We also invite you to explore our "Life Together" booklet here.

1. Life Together Seminar

Our Life Together seminar covers in more detail what life at Christ Church looks like. These seminars are a couple hours long and are offered on a rolling basis as needed. Sign-up to participate here and we will follow-up!

2. Testifying to Christ Membership Form

Our church membership form is a chance for you to introduce yourself to us and tell us about the Lord's work in your life. This form should be filled out prior to “Meet with the Elders.” The membership form is available here.

3. Meet with the Elders

After attending the Life Together seminar and filling out the membership form, our elders would like to spend time getting to know you better and hearing how we can best care for you. At least two elders will be present at this meeting.

4. Covenant Sundays

All new members will be joyfully welcomed into our church family as we affirm our church covenant together. 

You can also feel free to reach out to our elders with questions:

Zach Fallon // 406-868-6172 // zfallon@christsma.org
Steve Krogh // 616-340-1379 // stevekrogh@hotmail.com
David Meade // 770-826-0729 // davidcmeade@gmail.com