January 28, 2024

Should I not Pity?

Preacher: Zach Fallon Series: The Pursuing Mercy of God // Sermons on Jonah Scripture: Jonah 4:1–11

God’s Character Displeased Jonah (4:1-3)

  • Justifying His Anger
  • The Misguided Logic of His Anger
  • The Judgment of His Anger
  • The Older Brother of Luke 15

God’s Providence Exposed Jonah (4:4-9)

  • Providence Resets the Scene
  • Providence Pursues with a Lesson
  • Providence Exposes the Heart
  • The Unforgiving Servant of Matthew 18

God’s Final Word Silenced Jonah (4:10-11)

  • God’s Final Word as a Comparison
  • God’s Final Word as a Distinction
  • God’s Final Word to Us

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