January 21, 2024

A Surprising Work of God

Preacher: Zach Fallon Series: The Pursuing Mercy of God // Sermons on Jonah Scripture: Jonah 3:1–10

God Restores Rebellious Jonah (3:1-3)

  • His Path to Restoration
  • The Lesson of His Restoration
  • The Purpose of His Restoration

God Revives Repentant Nineveh (3:4-9)

  • God Powerfully Speaks
  • Our Need Revealed
  • Responding with Repentance
  • The Hope for Mercy

God Relents Judgment to Magnify Mercy (3:10)

  • What God Saw
  • From Jonah to Christ
  • Depth of Mercy and the Width of Sovereignty


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