November 19, 2023

Jesus Walks on Water

Preacher: Zach Fallon Series: Growing Opposition to the King // Sermons on Matthew 14-17 Scripture: Matthew 14:22–36

Jesus, Who Draws Near to Reveal His Identity as God’s Son

  • Jesus Prays, then Walks on the Sea
  • The Disciples Cry Out in Fear
  • “Take Heart, I Am, Do Not Be Afraid”
  • The Gap Between Acknowledgement and Experience

Peter, Who Exercises Faith by Drawing Near to God’s Son

  • Peter’s Faith Directed to Jesus
  • Peter’s Faith Exercised through Obedience
  • Peter’s Faith Fails
  • Peter’s Faith Restored

The Disciples, Who Being Near to Jesus Worship Him as God’s Son

  • “Truly You are the Son of God”
  • Corporate Worship: 10,000 Looks to Jesus
  • In the Word: Seeking Jesus’ Face
  • The Spiritual Habit of Gazing: Gazin’ and Praizin’

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