February 25, 2024

Faith Like a Mustard Seed

Preacher: Zach Fallon Series: Growing Opposition to the King // Sermons on Matthew 14-17 Scripture: Matthew 17:14–27

Faith in Our Powerful Christ (17:14-20)

  • The Powerless Disciples
  • A Faithless and Perverse Generation
  • Little Faith Sees a Little Christ
  • Small Faith, Rightly Aimed
  • The Impossibility of the Spread of Christ’s Glory

Faith in Our Crucified and Risen Christ (17:22-23)

  • The Certainty of His Cross and Resurrection
  • Coming After the Crucified and Risen Christ
  • Conformed to the Image of the Crucified and Risen Christ

Faith in the Son who Sets Us Free (17:24-27)

  • The Atonement Tax that Pointed to God’s Son
  • Set Free by the Son to Live Freely for the Son

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