August 6, 2023

Daniel's Second Vision

Preacher: Zach Fallon Series: A Resolved Faith in Exile // Sermons on Daniel Scripture: Daniel 8:1–27

1. God Cuts the Monsters Down to Size (The Ram and The Goat)

  • Belshazzzar’s Days Were Numbered
  • The Fleeting Nature of History’s Great Leaders
  • Don’t Trust the Shadows


2. God Centers History on the Redemption of His People (The Little Horn)

  • Who Gets Attention in World History?
  • The Spirit of the Antichrist 
  • God’s Eye and Purposes Are on His People


3. God Comforts His People to Endure in Serving Christ (Daniel’s Response)

  • Daniel Calls in Sick
  • How Long, O LORD, How Long?
  • Walking with a “Just a Little Longer” Faith

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