July 30, 2023

Daniel's First Vision

Preacher: Zach Fallon Series: A Resolved Faith in Exile // Sermons on Daniel Scripture: Daniel 7:1–28

  • Human History Has a Beast-like Nature (7:1-8)
    1. A Lesson in History: The Four Beasts
    2. The Great Beast of Revelation 13
    3. Self, Church, World
  • Human History Is Merely the Backdrop of God’s Everlasting Kingdom (7:9-14)
    1. The Ancient of Days Enthroned
    2. A Squeak from the Backdrop
    3. The Coronation of the Son of Man
  • Human History Will Bring Conflict (then Triumph) for God’s People (7:15-28)
    1. Much Suffering, Warring Against, Persecution

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