I am Deborah Burns. My husband, Ron, and I are new members of Christ Church. Our grandson, Ryan Burns, also attends with us regularly.

I have always been a relatively happy person. I generally had a vague belief that there was a God. But before I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, I wasn’t so sure that everything in the Bible was true. I would feel a sense of hopelessness when bad things happened. I wondered why God allowed so much suffering.  Without Christ, I felt something vital was missing. I tried in vain to find fulfillment through employment, money or relationships, but ultimately, my efforts only led to disappointment and disillusionment.  

I was overcome with sadness and shame for my past sins.  I was slow to believe that I could ever be forgiven. The weight of my sin was too heavy a burden for me to bear. But once I finally understood that Jesus had paid for my sins and had saved me, my burden was lifted. I felt the joy of freedom!

Before I trusted in Jesus, I was not so generous with my time, my energy or my finances. But now, I find great joy in giving freely of my time and resources to further God’s Kingdom. I see people differently now. Instead of focusing on our differences, now I try to see Jesus in them. I also pray all throughout my day and especially before making any important decisions.  

Before knowing God through faith, I only tended to pray when I was hurting or in need. I felt guilty and unworthy of His mercy. But now when I pray, I praise Him with gratitude, and I know He is listening and will answer according to His perfect will!  

One of the ways you can be praying for me is that God would grant me more boldness in sharing Christ with my unbelieving family members.