My life before Christ was all about my desires, my thoughts, my needs. I was the central focus in my mind's eye, with no apologies.

The circumstances around my coming to Christ were as follows: I was working security at Job Corp, and as awful as that job was, it was during a point in time when I was searching for truth. I wanted to know Jesus for myself instead of through hearsay. So by the light of the exit sign in the dark of night, I read the gospels of Matt, Mark, Luke, and John in succession to see for myself.

I was told that the Bible was written to prop up one race while suppressing another race; Jesus was a good man and teacher, even a prophet but nothing more... As I read, I observed that none of those things were true. He was compassionate, patient, committed and He loved all people. He gave everything He had that we might have everything we need. A light came on in me during that time in my life and it still burns today. Thank God for His word and hand guiding me every step of the way.

My life changed upon coming to Christ, though slow and steady, I began to spend more time reading God's Word and listening to good teaching, attending church, going to conferences and learning more about Jesus through study and good books.

My life took a substantial turn, no longer do I seek for that which pleases me only, I now seek Him who saved me and follow His will as I focus on His Word to give direction to my steps. In faith I follow Him not always knowing where He will lead me, but I know that wherever it is that I end up He will be there, so I follow. That's kind of how my family and I ended up here at Christ Church. Following Him has been the highlight of my life. Never a dull moment.