October 22, 2023

Parables to Understand the Kingdom

Preacher: Zach Fallon Series: Parables from the King // Sermons on Matthew 13 Scripture: Matthew 13:24–53

A Day of Permanent Separation

  • Two Kingdoms at War Now
  • Permanent Separation Coming
  • A Day of Grace or of Judgment

A Promise of Unstoppable Growth

  • Starts Small, Grows Tall
  • Started Local, Then Went Global
  • Christ Death the Fist Seed
  • The Mysterious Power of Leaven


A Priceless Treasure to Gain

  • The Man Who Found Hidden Treasure
  • Spiritual Economics
  • Christ, Our Priceless Treasure
  • The Expulsive Power of a new Affection

A People Who Publicly Display

  • Fishers of Men
  • Bring Out the Treasure

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