Book Reading Group // WOMEN ONLY // Elisabeth Elliot: A Life by Lucy Austen

July 2, 2024

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Krogh Home  View Map

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During the summer months, we want to continue to grow in Christ together as a church. We want to encourage you to participate in our Summer Book Reading Groups. This is a great way to build some relationships while also engaging in edifying, biblically helpful reading material. There is a great variety of options and we hope these will bless our church family! Check out the details below on one of the many book reading group options, Elisabeth Elliot: A Life by Lucy Austen. Register to reserve a spot, purchase a copy of the book, and come to the group meeting ready to dive in!

Leader: Lois Krogh
When: Tuesday, July 2nd at 7:00p.m.
Where: The Krogh home (245 Ryans Ct, Sharpsburg, GA 30277)


Elisabeth Elliot (1926–2015) is one of the most widely known Christians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. After the death of her husband, Jim, and four other missionaries at the hands of Waorani tribesmen in Ecuador, Elliot famously returned to live among the same people who had killed her husband. Her legacy, however, extends far beyond these events. In the years that followed, Elliot became a prolific writer and speaker, touching the lives of countless people around the world. In this single-volume biography, Lucy S. R. Austen takes readers on an in-depth journey through the life of Elisabeth Elliot—her birth to missionary parents, her courtship and marriage to Jim Elliot, her missions work in Ecuador, and her private life and public work after she returned to the United States. Through Elliot’s example of love for God and obedience to his commands, readers will ponder what it means to follow Jesus.

*Note that a two-volume biography on Elisabeth Elliot is available. The titles of the volumes are Becoming Elisabeth Elliot and Being Elisabeth Elliot by Ellen Vaughn. For those interested, this two-volume biography may be read for the book discussion.