Hebrews 4:16 // Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Inviting us to “draw near” is the greatest offer God extends to us from His word. As the great high priest, Jesus has opened a door of access by His own blood to the throne of grace, the very presence of God, and it is here that all who are in need of help may now find it. Moses and Aaron were given many instructions on how they were to draw near to the Most Holy Place of the tabernacle, but now, because of Jesus, we are told to confidently come, as if we have an open invitation to enter the house where God dwells without even first knocking on the door! What a bold thing to do! Yet we know there is no need for knocking, for at the cross of our precious Mediator the door to God’s presence was swung open wide for sinners. Jesus now stands at the door of God’s presence with one hand stretched out to all who approach Him and a sign in His other hand that bids, “Come, All in Need of Help.”

So grabbing our Savior’s hand we freely enter in, and what should we expect to find? An unappeasable father to whom we never measure up? A stern and disappointing look fixated on all our failures? A fiery threat of condemnation if our greatest efforts limp along with inadequacy? If we have drawn near through the blood-painted door, if we have taken the Lamb’s nail-pierced hand, if the great high Priest has become our hospitable host within the inner sanctum of the Most High, then the throne upon which our God sits is not one of hindrance or disappointment or annoyance or condemnation, but of help and encouragement and strengthening and freedom. We shall not find the King upon the throne shaking an angry fist, but offering to us His hands for help and support. If it were not for our great high Priest, God’s throne would demand we give and be lost. But with Jesus, the throne of the Most High God serves all in need of help that they may receive and find. Let us then dawdle at the door no longer, but promptly pursue our great high Priest to the throne of grace and there discover that our Father’s hands are ready to help all who are in need