My journey into the field of medicine began in the 4th grade. A dynamic teacher, who flavored every lesson with a bit of science inspired my interest in the natural world and biology. Strangely enough though, it was the pilot for the TV show Knight Rider that turned me specifically toward the medical field. I was fascinated by how a doctor could operate on the fallen hero, saving his life and giving him a new face and identity. Naturally, my interest matured over time as I appreciated my interactions with real physicians and how they transformed lives. Practicing medicine is filled with challenges and problems that need to be solved. However, what really gives it meaning is how the solutions impact my patients for the better. To me, being a family physician, and now an urgent care doctor, comes with the mindset of seeing patients and their health in the context of their whole person—not just their physical, but also their psychological, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

At my best, I approach my profession as a ministry and look to Jesus, the Great Physician, as an example on how to engage my patients. Illness is what makes us vulnerable and brings us to realize we need help. It strips us of pride and self-reliance. In Matthew 9, Jesus looked on the crowds and had compassion for them. He healed the paralytic man but more importantly he addressed the condition of his soul, forgiving his sin. I understand that I am a participant in his healing and redemptive plan. My wisdom and knowledge come through him. I can sew the edges of the wound together, but it is by his power and design that the wound is mended. Therefore, as the Holy Spirit leads, I share my faith and hope in Christ through my everyday conversations with patients. I pray with my patients as opportunity presents itself and attempt to show that Christ-like empathy that he shows us every day.

Many good physicians, nurses and other medical professionals have come before me, and at some point, my generation will have to pass the torch to the next. My advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the medical field is to do it for the right reason. Make the choice with your heart, having a desire to bring hope to the weary and heavy laden. It’s a hard road to walk. The educational aspect is challenging, the training can be physically and mentally exhausting. Realize that you can often find careers that compensate you more for less rigorous effort. Do it as an apprentice to the Great Physician—who is both the healer, and most importantly, the eternal cure—for his glory and not your own.