May 12, 2024

A Ransom for Many

Preacher: Zach Fallon Series: True Greatness in the King's Kingdom // Sermons on Matthew 18-20 Scripture: Matthew 20:17–34

A Mostly Wrong Request (20:20-23)

  • A Request of Blind Ignorance
  • A Response that Provides Spiritual Understanding
  • The Hope of Spiritual Progress
  • Greater Influence, Greater Suffering

A Reversed Understanding of Rank (20:24-28)

  • Rank in the Eyes of the World
  • Servant of Christ: Billy Graham
  • Servant of Christ: Grandma Schmid
  • True Greatness Defined by Jesus Christ

A Plea through the Eyes of Faith (20:29-34)

  • See, We Are Going Up to Jerusalem
  • Kingdom Service Shaped by the Cross
  • Physically Blind, Spiritually Seeing
  • Jesus, the Merciful King
  • An Eight-Word Prayer