Foundation is the Young Adults Ministry at Christ Church. Foundation seeks to build a community of young adults (1) on the gospel, (2) in the local church, (3) for King Jesus and His Kingdom.

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Why Foundation?

It is critical that all Christians begin their lives of living for God's glory on a solid foundation. It is far too common that many people profess faith in Christ without being equipped to know how to faithfully live and minister the gospel within the context of the local church. Foundation seeks to prepare a new generation of believers with a clear vision of the gospel, a biblical desire to be rooted in the local church, and a passion and equipping for serving King Jesus and His Kingdom.

It is our prayer and eager hope that the Lord will use this ministry to raise up faithful believers who are: (1) Clear on the gospel of grace, (2) Committed to the sufficiency and authority of God's word, (3) convinced of the centrality of the local church in God's plan for the world, and (4) equipped to minister Christ in and through the local church. If you desire this kind of life, we hope you will consider joining this growing and maturing community of young adults!

Summer 2024 Schedule

We are looking forward to building community and studying God's Word with our young adults this coming summer. We are planning on meeting at 7:00pm throughout the summer. Dates are listed below. We will meet at the Garriga's (Jacob and Kelsey): 13 Snead Circle in Sharpsburg.

This summer we will be studying Psalm 23. We will use as our guide David Gibson's book The Lord of Psalm 23: Jesus Our Shepherd, Companion, and Host. Feel free to purchase a copy at the link above and follow along!

After the initial meeting on Thursday June 13th, we’ll be meeting bi-weekly (usually on Thursdays) @ 7pm

  • Thurs June 20th
  • Wed July 3rd (due to the holiday)
  • Thurs July 18th
  • Thurs Aug 1st

Other future hangout dates to come!

Jacob Garriga - (714) 884 0428 -
Kelsey Garriga - (714) 483 2333 -
Jim Lee - (404) 764-0865‬
Sheila Lee - (678) 787-0947‬
Zach Fallon - (406) 868-6172